March 15, 2023

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The groundbreaking partnership was announced by Shane Strum, president and CEO of Broward . Darrell Bodnar. Strum is deeply committed to serving the local community and has sat on numerous boards throughout his career, including Broward College Foundation, Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, FloridaTaxWatch, and the Broward Sheriffs Foundation. Eric Smith. Shane Strum, a senior vice president . This button displays the currently selected search type. It's about encouraging our team members to reconnect with their 'why' their purpose, passion or personal mission statement. Rick Scott. We found Philip Juodis from Strum Wisconsin. "Despite the present challenges Florida faces due to the COVID-19 . One thing that is often not talked about is allowing team members to move on when they're ready. Ron DeSantis' chief of staff, Shane Strum, is leaving his post after two years to lead Broward Health at the start of March, marking a continuation . Hes also been a transition advisor to former Gov. Shane Strum, Gov. What an insult to the employees. BH retirement Payment was $300 with medication coverage included. The Senate did not confirm his surgeon general, the point man on the virus response, and wont confirm the choice of an untested lawyer to manage state hearing officers. If we allow our co-workers to be their authentic selves, and do what they're passionate about, we would be unstoppable, and the positive energy would be contagious. First and foremost knowledge. font-weight: bold; The secret in healthcare is simple getting out of your office and going into the hospital into the direct patient care areas and making a difference for a patient and a caregiver. COO at Holy Cross Health (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) and Trinity Health Florida. TALLAHASSEE Its the first item on Gov. They are going to give this man a thirty percent raise on$ 900,000+. Shane Strum, 40 [Photo: Ray Stanyard] . This generates healthy excitement and discussion all around our healthcare system and raises awareness about the exciting innovations coming forward. Along the process, take time to make sure your team knows you see what they are contributing and celebrate their accomplishments along the way. That in itself is truly inspirational.

float:right; Watching, seeing and turning a cheek for over 30 years, I should have known..Its no wonder my PCP called to Loudly read me the riot act when he found out that I didnt have Broward Health Aetna but had switched to what HR told me was in my best interest. Saad Chaudhry. However, he will do great things for our public health system in Broward County. For example, I went to an AI/IoT conference in Austin, Texas, and leaned AI adoption spectrum framework to adopt AI at the organization. But I think its important that you point these things out, and why we strike them down, she said. Our name and values tell the story. I think as we build upon existing assets and find new ways to differentiate ourselves from many of the competitors in the South Florida marketplace, well continue to move the needle, says Strum. First, members of my team often work hand-in-glove with operations; we have even had a few transition to operations roles to seek out projects they have started. It brings us closer. Strums departure comes amid a shakeup in DeSantis administration. Pidge Lohr, DNP, RN, CENP. Shane Strum | People on The Move - South Florida .  In contrast, I create a culture in which my team feels inspired and empowered to try new things, to think outside the box and to innovate. As leaders, we don't always have to be the face of everything. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. As the largest rural health system in the United States, Sanford Health is committed to serving our communities in new and innovative ways to make care more accessible, affordable and equitable for all patients.  } 

} One must join Medicare B then sign on to Aon, then an accepted into a plan. Strum, WI. I am very happy for my friend. Tony Reed, MD. padding-left: 10px; Are we doing things right? color: white; Strum was also Chief of Staff to former Gov. Throughout those events, Broward Health was there for our patients and their loved ones. Ron DeSantis daily schedule a talk with Shane Strum, the most important non-elected official in state government. Fortunately, inspiration and innovation are hallmarks of my team at Providence and part of their 'why' for being here. When the employees know that you are leading from the front, they allow you to make mistakes and become your thought partners. A positive, can-do attitude is baked into our culture. I often ask my team 'how can we use technology to make that patient's life or provider's care better?'. If they present a solution and it is fiscally feasible, legal, ethical and does not break regulatory guidelines, they are encouraged to attempt implementation. We are committed to improving and advancing our technology to ensure a better experience and bring that next generation of healthcare forward. I look forward to doing the same thing at Broward Health. At Houston Methodist, we're searching for innovative ways to connect with everyone within the organization when it comes to our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts beyond training and recognizing cultural holidays. She was a member of . Water pouring into windows. But to keep innovation alive, I would say the most important thing is to let teams know that it is okay to fail. Our commitment to clinical research also helps keep us focused on the power of innovation to create good for our patients. By asking, inviting and listening. I am a seasoned digital professional, leader and geek at heart. At the end of the day, failures educate me and their success allows our patients to get their care in an easier, more frictionless manner. His first day in the job will be March 8. One, we have them periodically round with our clinical teams to interact with the end-users of their work: the clinical care teams and patients. As I understand it, the rule of 80 retirees get $2,850 and $2,150 annually for their spouse of TAX-PAYER money to purchase healthcare when there are Medicare Advantage Plans that are basically free to them! } According to his indictment, between 2008 and 2015, when he was fire, Bravo collected $600,000 in illegal payments from four vendors who provided more than $22 million in goods and services to Broward Health. Senior Vice President, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Baptist Health (Jacksonville, Fla.). What resources don't we have? Sometimes this means that we must stay on top of implementing new updates for our technology vendors and partners to come out with this requires operational buy-in to really be fruitful, since turning a feature on in a system is the easiest part. To keep the spirit of inspiration and innovation going, we always focus on our Mission and Values as our 'true north.' I want to be much more active, not only with the healthcare system and the employees, but also our community., MEMORIAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM APPOINTS MARC L. NAPP, MD, MS, FACS AS SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT AND CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER, Reaching Compliance: The CMS Price Transparency Rule, Honoring Convivas Care Coaches During National Nurses Week, HCA FLORIDA ST. PETERSBURG HOSPITAL WELCOMES JORDAN FULKERSON AS NEW CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, Cleveland Clinic Weston Ranked Highest Hospital in South Florida by Newsweek, Texas Vista Medical Center to Close Barring Take Over or Significant Government Relief & University Health Response to Steward Health March 1, 2023 News Release, Cleveland Clinic Ranked No. What's on the horizon? It is amazing how creative people can be when they have the freedom to fail. Medical Director of Advocacy at Everett (Wash.) Clinic. 954.355.4400. background-color: white; Find contact's direct phone number, email address, work history, and more. Steve Bousquet is a Sun Sentinel columnist. As a faith-based health system this always brings people back to our higher purpose in providing the most personal of human services body, mind and spirit and reminding ourselves of the difference we are making for people and communities. Shane Strum, the chief of staff for former Gov. Our secret for keeping inspiration and innovation alive on our team? And if someone fails, we allow that person to acknowledge the failure, find solutions to correct it and celebrate the lessons learned. Charlie Crist and was serving him when Crist left the Republican Party. Broward Healths seven-member board, hobbled by three long-unfilled seats, unanimously voted 4-0 to approve the Fort Lauderdale residents contract on Feb. 24 in what looked to be something of a rush toward the end of its regular meeting. His trial date is now May 24. What's broken? Record producer Kenny Beats takes us on a journey from Berklee College of Music to blowing up the electronic dance music scene to reemerging as a sought-after hit maker and content creator, all while building one of the most interactive, music-obsessed communities on the internet. We have focused energy to spotlight outstanding daily clinical efforts, emphasize leadership from the front and build gratitude into all we do. Broward Health Medical Center and Tampa General Hospital have asked an administrative law judge to strike down rules that deal with . 33307. Chief Information Officer at Luminis Health (Annapolis, Md.). Shane Flickinger. The board of the North Broward Hospital District voted unanimously Monday to hire Shane Strum, currently chief of staff for Gov. Florida Atlantic University and Broward Health on Monday announced a partnership agreement that will provide academic medicine to Broward County, and opportunities to collaborate in the areas of education, clinical training and practice, health services administration and research. Providence engages in ongoing systemwide efforts to address housing, transportation, education, mental well-being and other vital components of a healthy community. BH used to be a family. Each of those commissioners was appointed by former Republican governor-now Sen. Rick Scott. Youve seen Broward Health rise through the tragedy in Parkland, the pandemic and so many other instances, he says. Chair of Department of Otolaryngology of Head and Neck Surgery at Geisinger (Danville, Pa.). Its a bold gamble, said one longtime Broward Health observer who asked not to be named. Next, your Primary physicians must be on the plan. They just need negative press on Desantis (real or imagined). This is one more slap in the face for the dedicated employees and the tax payers of Broward County of which I am one. Regional Manager Medical Staff Services. In fact, we've just launched an innovative clinical trial for non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients that delivers life-sustaining CAR T-cells to them in a small fraction of the time previously possible. 2 months? Challenge the team to think strategically. .widget-value { All Rights Reserved. Contributors & reporters: Phil Ammann, Roseanne Dunkelberger, A.G. Gancarski, Anne Geggis, Kelly Hayes, Ryan Nicol, Jacob Ogles, Gray Rohrer, Jesse Scheckner, Christine Sexton, Andrew Wilson, Wes Wolfe, and Mike Wright. He later served as vice president for strategic planning before being hired by Gov. We hold each other accountable for calling it out when we are making a decision that suits us best without collaborating with our campus leaders to make sure it works for the care they deliver to our patients. Previously, Strum served as senior vice president at Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Florida, where he was part of an executive team that managed over 15,000 employees and an annual budget of more than $2.4 billion. Feb 08, 2021 at 7:41 pm. As a leader, I make sure I try to learn something new everyday. Specifically stories from medical history, which is an area of interest of mine. Shane Strum is a Broward Education Foundation "2020 Hall of Fame Honoree" in the category of Community Achievement. Yet, there is enough money on hand to pay almost $ 1,000,000 a year to one employee. For our team, innovation can touch many facets of perioperative care, from better quality and patient safety to better operational efficiency and cost containment. Ron DeSantis, as president and CEO of Broward Health.. President and CEO at Trinity Health (Livonia, Mich.). Creating an environment where people want to go above and beyond because of a true connection to mission is imperative. The secret is to stay curious to learn, share and influence the team. DeSantis attempt to consolidate power by having several Cabinet-level agencies report only to him got a cold shoulder in the Senate, too. This has been particularly challenging for new leaders coming into an organization during the pandemic who have not had the opportunity to build those relationships with their peers. Chief Medical Officer and Technology Advisory Services Leader at MultiCare (Tacoma, Wash.). Chief Medical Officer at Cleveland Clinic. Guess who was held accountable for that . Strum, WI. I think that language would be very appropriate if we were dealing with a stranger, but this is a hometown guy who is coming home, whos been serving the state of Florida for a long time. Whether it is my nursing innovation and practice director or my project manager, they all need to see themselves as caregivers to our patients. If you want others to follow, you need to give them hope and a reason to believe that everything is possible. It's infectious once you start that process. The employees. Strum has a lot of work ahead of him. I continue to be inspired and look for innovation every day, knowing we are here for the patients and that it could be one of us or a loved one in that hospital bed. This aspect of servant leadership helps foster innovation. Shoot Renzo an email at [emailprotected] and follow him on Twitter @RenzoDowney. It could be various domains: business, data, applications/systems, cloud, leadership or other. The healthcare industry offers a daily opportunity to directly impact the well-being of people in our communities. The 51-year-old Strum has deep roots in Broward County and has held several prominent health care jobs there in the past. As the vice president for nursing operations, I lead a system support department across the care settings of acute, post-acute and ambulatory nursing, and I don't believe it's a secret to how we keep ourselves inspired and driven to innovation. A native of Broward County, Strums legacy of public service has spanned nearly 30 years. He is also a founding board member of the Young Entrepreneurship Council for Huizenga School of Business, and former chairman of the Florida Community Health Network. Working in the healthcare industry is more than just a job, it is a calling. In Tallahassee, Strum is the highest-paid employee of the Executive Office of the Governor, with an annual salary of $180,250. Incoming Florida Gov. On the other hand, sometimes we cannot wait for our existing partners to come out with a new feature because our patients are already expecting something beyond what is offered. Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. At the end of the day, innovation starts with trust, relationship building and not being afraid to fail fast. I would encourage community members to become engaged with Broward Health and learn more. Jennifer Larson. Shane Strum I am a firm believer in curating spaces where staff can share their thoughts and ideas without me imposing my own subjective ideologies. This Supreme Court Case Could Redefine Crime, YellowstoneBackers Wanted to Cash OutThen the Streaming Bubble Burst, How Countries Leading on Early Years of Child Care Get It Right, Female Execs Are Exhausted, Frustrated and Heading for the Exits, No Major Offer Expected on Childcare in UK Budget, Biden Gives Medal of Honor to Trailblazing Special Forces Member, Oils $128 Billion Handout as Doubts Grow About Fossil Fuels, Climate Change Is Launching a MutantSeed Space Race, This Former Factory Is Now New Taipeis Edgiest Project, What Do You Want to See in a Covid Memorial? Mark's Commercial is the B2B division of Marks and a member of the Canadian Tire family of companies. As a team, we encourage everyone to actively consult business owners for new challenges they have encountered at work place. We then talk about what made it positive and how we can apply those lessons to the work we are doing in healthcare. Department of Children and Families Secretary Chad Poppell has left the administration, and Acting Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Shevaun Harrisis replacing him. Director of Leadership Development at UAB Health System and School of Medicine (Birmingham, Ala.). Department of Anesthesiology at University of (Ann Arbor) Michigan Medicine. In addition, dedicated caregivers have volunteered more than 29,000 hours to 750 local organizations in 2021. I truly believe that the solutions to today's biggest challenges, from workforce shortages and retention to care model transformation, will come from the front lines. Invite them into conversation by listening, following through, appreciating them and holding yourself and the teams accountable for the care delivered inspires staff at all levels to dare greatly and produce unsurpassed solutions and outcomes. Never discount an idea unless researched and considered carefully; work together as a team to build consensus around where we need to be going and all the different potential ways to get there. I agree, said Gregoire. Address: 204 37th Avenue North #182 We dont have our employers giving us money to help with healthcare. During that time, Strum has led initiatives that have lowered costs of prescription drugs, expanded telehealth services, improved transparency and quality in healthcare, and increased awareness of mental health and substance abuse issues throughout Florida. Rarely seen in public, Strum roams a vast political landscape behind the scenes, influencing everything from teacher pay raises to top-level appointments to removing Broward Sheriff Scott Israel from office. display: inline-block; Our patients know what's right for them better than anyone else, and when we combine our clinical expertise with unmatched compassion, we're able to deliver on our mission of being a true, trusted healthcare partner in the communities we serve. I believe that it is that true partnership of the leader with the team that keeps the spirit of inspiration and innovation alive at all levels. All rights reserved. As a tax payer Im opposed to $ 1,00,000 per year in salary for any employee. Caregivers are inspired when the organization's work aligns with their values. Charlie Crist who has stayed on to help with Gov. .clearfix { Charlie Crist. .widget-row { Copyright 2021 Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report. Episode 10 will explain how to quickly determine whether a passage contains either a bias or stereotype. He served as vice chancellor of business development for Keiser University [] Six . Erik Wexler. The I stands for innovation. If a project is not working over time, we move on and do not waste any additional time or resources. Ron DeSantis ' Chief of Staff Shane Strum will leave the Governor's Office this week to become Broward Health's CEO. All donations are tax deductible. We held a series of design sessions among 450 employees from diverse areas within our health system allowing them to redesign our recruitment and retention strategy. Unfortunately, we are going to need to restructure and remove the leaders who are inauthentic, lack empathy and don't prioritize their staff, physicians and nurses. Competitiveness in higher education and healthcare will increasingly depend on achieving technological advantage that makes any institution a better fit for the exponential digital acceleration our world will experience in the next decade. From his start as a member of Browards Young Republicans, he became chairman of the county GOP and later, a chief of staff to former Gov. Second, foster the team's passion for improving quality of life for our patients, communities and employees through innovation. Broward Health | 1800 N.W. SSBCI was established in 2010 and then recently . CEO and Medical Director at Northern Colorado Hospitalists (Fort Collins). It was inspiring how health systems effectively worked together. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Jessica Cole at width: 100%; But it just takes one person to believe there is hope, and people will follow. As the EVP and Chief Medical Officer of Tampa General Hospital, a 1,040-bed academic medical center, my ability to inspire is driven by my connection to my team and a singular commitment to quality and safety. Two, we regularly meet with our peers around the country to see how others are tackling challenges and draw inspiration from their efforts. There is a period set for evaluation and, if it is not working, then we start over. For instance, when aviator Charles Lindbergh was told of his sister in-law's impending death because of a failing cardiac valve due to rheumatic fever, his response was characteristic of an engineer's: Why not just replace the valve? "We are going to explore new boundaries and medical innovation and create new best practices in the care for Alzheimer's patients. Strum has an MBA from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Alabama. precarinal lymph node,

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